Children's Books with a Message

We love children's books. We love to read them to kids. We love to look at the creative pictures. We love hearing the story in the book.But what we love most of all are children's books with a message. Surrounding a child with books that reinforce positive values creates a positive place to live. Books with a positive message also serve to model appropriate actions for kids. These messages can also open up new worlds and ideas, sparking discussions and conversations.

New Releases in Children's Books that Spark Conversation

The Color of Memories: Helping Children Understand Memory Loss

The Color of Memories by Kristina Pfennig is the story of Grandma Winnie and her family as they struggle with her memory loss. Grandma Winnie created costumes in her past, and her adoring grandchildren loved listening to her stories as she washed the family laundry. Her baseball playing grandson fears losing his grandmother when she starts mixing up the laundry and leaving out parts of the costume stories. Based on real people and true events, this early reader helps young children understand what happens when a grandparent develops memory loss from accident, injury, or disease. The engagingly colorful illustrations enhance the story.Available in paperback, ebook, and audio book on Amazon, iTunes, Audible, and on Kindle.Friends of Many Shapes and Colors by Dr. Linda Barboa, and Kristina Pfennig

All the colorful shapes were wonderful friends. They played games together in the spring, summer, winter and fall. One day the shapes noticed that they were all different and started teasing each other. This made all the shapes sad and lonely. Then the shapes agreed that they did not need to look alike to be friends. This book carries an anti-bullying message as it teaches children about diversity. The colorful, playful images will delight the young children as they learn about shapes. This book is a must for every classroom of young children, and every household.Available as paperback, ebook, coloring book, and audio book on Amazon, iTunes, Audible, and Kindle.

"Vera always wanted to make nifty art. With pencil and paper, she’s ready to start!" As Vera draws her ideas, she discovers a different view of the world--one she had not seen before!Vera’s View by Trina VerSteeg Wilcox and Mysia Paasch (Illustrator) is an exceptional book for children preschool to 3rd grade. The story is enhanced with bright illustrations. The spirited rhyme and alliteration engages the imagination while retaining the attention of young children. There is a message of embracing unique perspectives that is valuable to learn at an early age.Available as paperback, ebook, audio book on Amazon, iTunes, Audible, and Kindle.