Although coloring pictures with pencils or markers seems like child's play, it is actually more complicated than most people realize. Physically, coloring takes a certain amount of hand and arm strength to hold the colored pencils, and move the hand across the page. Trunk strength and endurance are also required for a person to sit up long enough to complete the project. Visuospatial skills are used to look back and forth on the page and track from the object to be colored to the color of pencil desired. Behind the physical aspect of coloring is the brain and cognition including attention, problem solving, and both procedural and working memory.

So how does this tie in with rehab and therapy? For starters, the Allen Cognitive Levels Dementia Program includes the mode "color in the heart" activity to assist clinicians with realistic goal setting. From a physical, occupational, or speech therapy perspective, we often set goals addressing visual neglect, hand grip, truck strength, attention, memory, and cognition. One of my favorite ways to target these skills is with coloring. Its fun, engaging, and no one ever turns down a chance to color or draw in therapy!

If coloring in therapy is new to you, or if coloring is one of your favorite therapy interventions already, take a look at these coloring pages and books designed for use in therapy:

Color by Number for Memory & Attention-Camping Theme
This Color by Number is a great way to target ATTENTION, MEMORY, PROBLEM SOLVING, and FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS!

Color by Number targets and Improves:
· Following instructions:
Following basic instructions are fundamental to a person’s independence, safety with ADLs, and success with communication. Coloring by number is an enjoyable and engaging way to address following instructions.
· Increased attention:
Attention is required to stay on task, move from one part of the task to another, and to complete the coloring page. Attention is improved by reading the number, picking out the correct color, and finding the corresponding number to color. Focus and concentration are also improved with an increase in attention.
· Memory and recall:
Memory and recall are maintained through the internal and external repetition of the color they are using, and the number to color.
· Problem solving and organization:
There are many ways to organize and complete a color by number. The task of completing a color by number can be organized and colored in numerical order, by color, from left to right (or right to left), or from top to bottom (or bottom to top).
· Increased success:
With the increased direction and structure of a color by number vs a blank coloring page, an increase in success is achieved at a lower demand level. With less choices to make, a color by number can be completed faster, and is considered easier.
This 16 page guide is for speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, and ANYONE who works with adults in any setting. It includes:

* Choosing coloring books and materials for adults.
* Choosing coloring materials for low vision and mobility challenges
* Cognitive deficits to address such as attention, memory, and visual neglect.
* Suggested coloring activities to address your patient's goals.
* How occupational therapy and physical therapy can utilize coloring in therapy

ALSO included are 7 coloring pages you can use TODAY in your next therapy session.
Take the guess work and prep work out of your busy day with this fun and easy to use worksheet that doubles as a coloring page.

Large print making it easier to read.
Easy to score with measurable results for inclusion in daily documentation.
Also targets following simple directions.
Independent or therapist guided.
Concrete adult themed pictures.
Answer key included.

You will need:
· A timer
· Pen or pencil
· Memory Buttons picture and printable worksheet
· Colored pencils, or markers.
Hear the birds chirping musically in the breeze. Feel the cold kiss of rain on your skin. Watch the flower petals unfurl with the first rays of the sun. Bring these sensations alive by coloring these hand-drawn and digitally edited illustrations and embrace the calming influence of nature. Illustrations with large spaces, and use of large print text make this adult coloring book perfect for everyone, including those with physical limitations, low vision, dementia and cognitive deficits.
Coloring Book Page/Downloadable/Printable/Vintage Button Box/Sewing/
Digital and Printable Coloring Page- Hand Drawn "Vintage Button Box." This page is so relaxing to color, and makes a great coloring gift for quilters, seamstresses, tailors, anyone who loves vintage, or anyone who loves to color including yourself! Perfect for reminiscing.