Adults world-wide are devoting hours of their time coloring leaves, flowers, cuss words, and mandalas with colored pencils, markers, and crayons. As a speech therapist, your job is to make therapy relevant and patient specific. If your patient loves to color, bring coloring pages and colored pencils to your next therapy session. The therapeutic benefits of coloring are:

Calms the mind-repetitive movement and a focus on simple tasks calm the mind and decreases stress.

Promotes Attention-focusing on coloring a space helps decrease distractions around us, and help maintain focus on one task longer. (Think improved topic maintenance!)

Builds self-confidence-there are no wrong answers or wrong choices with coloring, and completing a space or page increases self-esteem. (Think errorless learning!)

Increased eye hand coordination-movement from your fingers sends a message to our brain, and builds up the pathways of the signal. (Think improved cognitive reorganization!)

Boosts hand, finger, and arm strength-from grip strength, to muscle endurance, coloring rebuilds strength lost from injury or illness, accidents, aging, and reduced use.

Enhances creativity-coloring uses both sides of your brain and improved those parts of the brain working together.

Expands your vision-coloring is a fun way to relearn the ability to see when parts of your vision are lost following stroke, disease, or illness. (Think visual neglect!)

My patients love targeting memory, attention, visuospatial, and even reminiscing (think dementia management!) with coloring pages.

For guidance on using coloring pages in therapy, and additional coloring page resources, look here:

This 16 page guide is for speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, and ANYONE who works with adults in any setting. It includes:
* Choosing coloring books and materials for adults.
* Choosing coloring materials for low vision and mobility challenges
* Cognitive deficits to address such as attention, memory, and visual neglect.
* Suggested coloring activities to address your patient's goals.
* How occupational therapy and physical therapy can utilize coloring in therapy
ALSO included are 7 coloring pages you can use TODAY in your next therapy session.
Coloring Book Page Downloadable Printable-Sending My Love on image 0
This page is so relaxing to color, and makes a great coloring gift for butterfly lovers, nature lovers, or anyone who loves to color including yourself!
Coloring Book Page/Downloadable/Printable/Vintage Button image 0
Taking a look through a vintage button box which is perfect for reminiscing. Includes fabric, pin cushion, thimbles, and buttons.
Girl Power S.T.E.M Coloring and Activity Book.  Anybody Can Be image 0
Girl Power STEM Coloring and Activity Book
Color the page with examples, and fill in the cards to share your amazing talents!
Coloring Book Page/Downloadable/Printable/Wedding Ring image 0
A Wedding Ring Quilt is a great gift to color for a new couple, the one you love, or just because it is fun!
Coloring Book Page Printable Downloadable Cat image 0
Digital and Printable Coloring Page- Hand Drawn "Cat Tails." This page is so relaxing to color, and makes a great coloring gift for cat lovers, nature lovers, or anyone who loves a play on words!

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