I sat down to read Dr Linda Barboa and Jan Luck’s book Helping Grandparents Understand Autism, and just couldn’t stop.  I read from one heartfelt question with an easy to absorb answer to another, and another, and felt absolutely invigorated and empowered when I was done. Written by an expert in the field of autism and with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by grandparents, this book serves as an invaluable resource for bridging the generation gap and fostering meaningful relationships. The authors’ message of knowledge as the key to grandparents enjoying their grandchild in the most encompassing way resonated powerfully throughout.

The author's expertise shines through in the practical advice and strategies provided throughout the book. From managing sensory issues and promoting social interactions to understanding and navigating therapy options, the book offers a comprehensive toolkit for grandparents to actively engage with their grandchild's unique needs. The strategies suggested are realistic, adaptable, and tailored to suit the specific circumstances of each family.

Questions like “how might my grandchild’s communication skills be affected?” are answered in an easy to read and straight-forward manner. Essential information follows each answer as a bullet point making it effortless to review again and again.  

 Questions such as “How can I help my grandchild when he misbehaves?” are answered with specific and very doable actions a grandparent can start right away.

While the book primarily focuses on helping grandparents, it is equally beneficial for parents, caregivers, and anyone seeking to expand their understanding of autism. Its accessible language, practical advice, and compassionate approach make it a valuable resource for a wide range of readers.

 Helping Grandparents Understand Autism is a positive, easy to read, empowering, and action-oriented guide I enthusiastically recommend for any grandparent who has questions or concerns about autism. Your questions will be answered, your fears will be removed, and you will be rewarded with a joyful relationship with your family that just won’t stop!‍

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