Finding fun activities to target memory in speech therapy can be a challenge, especially with secondary ed and adults.  I often hear, "but I don't care about memorizing 5 random numbers or 10 facts about Peru.  How is that going to help me?"'s not.  Speech therapy should be patient specific, relevant, and show the value of your education and experience.  And fun.  I always try to make it fun!

Here are some of my favorite worksheets, printables, activities, and ideas to banish the "I don't cares" from therapy.

This game uses cards in an engaging way to target attention, immediate recall, and delayed recall with the added demand of a distraction. Recall of facts and information from one card are challenged by a distraction on a second card. Blank cards are included to target hip precautions, back precautions, or other important information to remember.
For Teens to Seniors! Circle target words while practicing the memory strategy of RECOGNITION.
Includes: · Memory strategy education · Example page · Five pages and · 58 practice opportunities.  Level of difficulty can be tailored to the client.
This memory game also utilizes the compensatory strategies of repetition, mnemonics, and association, targeting three strategies in one.  Includes instructions, examples, A to Z worksheets, answer key and Pro Tips.  Fun 1:1 or multiple!
Create lively sentences while practicing the memory strategies of stories, repetition, and recognition. Includes:
Memory strategy education
Tasks as distractions
Fun to fill in sentences as practice
Memory Strategies are either INTERNAL or EXTERNAL. This Print and Present resource briefly explains what compensatory strategies for memory are, what memory aids are available, and which ones are internal and external. The attached worksheet then tasks the student or resident to choose which ones they are currently using at home and describe when they use it. It is an easy way to start the conversation of memory strategies, or expand upon what they currently have in place.
Can't decide which one you want?  Try a bundle of activities! The Memory and Recall Bundle has 10 different resources including the BEST SELLING Memory and Recall with a Distraction Games-- the original, one fact, and two facts! Additional resources target different memory strategies, use of memory aids, as well as fun and functional exercises and activities. All resources are appropriate for all ages, especially teens and adults.

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