2020 Was a Year of Loss.

As it was for everyone worldwide, 2020 was a year of loss. People lost jobs and whole industries were erased. Public events and social groups came to a halt. Traditions, routines, and time-honored holidays became unrecognizable.

Healthcare Took Center Stage.

Although healthcare took center stage, it too was served a devastating blow, leaving gaping holes in service and needs unmet. Health care workers struggled to survive the torrential rains of information, and to stay afloat in the tsunami of urgency and demand.

With Loss Comes Change, However.  As One Door Closes, Another Door Opens.

The field of speech pathology experienced this cycle of loss and change as well. As a speech pathologist in a medical setting, I saw firsthand how experience, norms, and practices were struck down and replaced by quickly enacted rules, regulations, masks and PPE to protect both speech pathologists and patients. Therapy activities that motivated and enriched patients were no longer possible, and we had to fill that void quickly and creatively. This change had us blasting our way through digital landscapes, conquering communication across vast distances, and compensating for barriers of impenetrable plastic and textiles.

2021 is a New Year of Change and Creativity That Will Breathe Fresh Life Into How Speech Pathologists’ Practice.

Change instigates creativity, and creativity breeds new life. 2021 is a new year of change and creativity that will breathe fresh life into how speech pathologists’ practice. Using experience, evidence-based treatments, practice-based treatments, and whatever this new world demands, we will embrace the loss, squeeze the benefits out of it, and use it to recharge, renew, and rise above.

Take My Hand, We Will Do This Together.

I can't guarantee it will be a smooth ride, but I can guarantee you plenty of education and communication with be found.Take my hand, we will do this together. Ready? Let's GO!!Photo byEdu CarvalhofromPexels