Teaching children shapes, colors, friendship, and acceptance with Friends of Many Shapes and Colors: the complete educational package.

Teachers and parents love finding easy to use resources to reinforce the concepts of shapes and colors. If the resources include ADDITIONAL positive messages such as friendship, acceptance, and anti bullying, that is a bonus and makes it a WINNER!Friends of Many Shapes and Colors by Dr. Linda Barboa and Kristina Pfennig is that winning resource for teachers, parents, homeschoolers, special educators AND speech therapists.

The book Friends of Many Shapes and Colors by Dr. Linda Barboa and Kristina Pfennig.

It all started with the book Friends of Many Shapes and Colors."All the colorful shapes were wonderful friends. They played games together in the spring, summer, winter and fall. One day the shapes noticed that they were all different and started teasing each other. This made all the shapes sad and lonely. Then the shapes agreed that they did not need to look alike to be friends. This book carries an anti-bullying message as it teaches children about diversity. The colorful, playful images will delight the young children as they learn about shapes. This book is a must for every classroom of young children, and every household."The pictures were so lively, the shapes had such captivating expressions, the message was so timely and the bold colors made it pop. Because of this, the book was met with enthusiasm and additional resources were demanded. This led to the creation of the Teachers Activity Guide, the Speech Therapy Guide, the Coloring Book, the Ebook, and coming soon.....the audio book!

Friends of Many Shapes and Colors the Teachers Activity Guide

Use this guide with the book and you will have hours of activities to include in your students day. The teaching activities are easy to use and include pre-reading activities and post reading activities. The guide also includes vocabulary lessons and vocabulary development, teaching goals and objectives, hands on craft tasks, and fun interaction and social activities. Not only does this resource target shapes and colors, but it also relates to social skills, acceptance, and anti bullying.

Theme Based Speech Therapy Guide: Friends of Many Shapes and Sizes

What is more fun than reading a book AND targeting goals in speech therapy? Based on the book Friends of Many Shapes and Sizes by Dr. Linda Barboa and Kristina Pfennig, this theme based guide has multiple activities to enhance the teaching of social skills, anti-bullying, friendship, character education, shapes, and colors while targeting articulation, executive function, and critical thinking. All tasks are print and present, can be printed in black and white or color, or can be used 1:1 or in groups.

Friends of Many Shapes and Colors: The Coloring Book

All the pictures and text of the book Friends of Many Shapes and Colors as a coloring book. Color all the friends in the colors of your choice as you read the story. Fill in your own background and change the look of all the shapes on every page if you wish. Want to color it to match the book? You can do that as well! Enjoy reading and coloring while learning these critical concepts.Use all the resources in your classroom, while homeschooling, in speech therapy, in special education classrooms, and in your home. Using these resources ties all the concepts together, and utilizes the child's senses of looking, hearing, touching, movement, and creating. The resources available for the Friends of Many Shapes and Colors creates a complete educational package that every parent, educator, and therapist needs.