Nicole Charles is a speech pathologist who has a unique way of inviting us into the world of speech pathology. Her videos are engaging and absorbing, with just enough content to make you feel satisfied, but not overwhelmed. Her videos are enchanting and delightful, and she makes it easy to reach out to her to learn more.

Nicole has graciously allowed us to post her video "Under the Sea: Why See an SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) and share her view of speech pathology.

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There are many different reasons to see a speech-language pathologist (SLP). In this video you will explore all the different areas SLPs address for evaluation and treatment.

📌 Feeding & Swallowing

📌 Cognitive Impairment

📌 Delays in Development

📌 Voice & Fluency

📌 Impaired Language

📌 Delayed Speech

👇 Please share in the comments below which category are you curious to know more about? If you're an SLP, which category is your favorite to evaluate and treat?🔗 To learn more, book a consultation with Nicole today using the link in her bio.💻